JDA have a passion for Architecture and the built environment, we are interested in the way buildings are made.

We work closely with you to develop a brief and to produce a design that meets your project requirements. Taking the values of good design and fundamental sustainability to offer you a good value, healthy, flexible and useful building.

All three partners teach at the University of Lincoln enabling us as a practice to explore and develop ideas relating to texture, material, light, shape, form and construction. Which allows us to bring out your personality in the architecture we produce.

JDA can provide a full range of services at all stages in the construction process and beyond. Our work is with new and existing buildings in new and historic contexts. We primarily work in London, Lincolnshire, Hull and further afield

Alongside the services listed below, working with our sister company ADSDF we can also other a design and build service (currently only in Lincolnshire and Humberside at present) acting as main contractor and managing the building team and process on your behalf.


We provide a variety of services for clients, both commercial and domestic, large or small at all stages in the construction process and beyond. Our experience encompasses working with new and existing buildings in both contemporary and historic contexts.

The RIBA sets out the key stages of a construction project from conception to completion in its Plan of Work. This organises the process of managing, and designing building projects and administering building contracts into a number of key Work Stages.

The following outlines services we will provide during each Work Stage. We believe these services will allow us to produce a design which surpasses your expectations. However these can be tailored to your needs.

Identify the elements of your existing spaces that work well for you and those that don’t |Feasibility studies identifying constraints on development to assist you in deciding whether to proceed | Work with you and the information already gathered to develop an outline brief| Undertake an existing building survey | Discuss the outline costs of the project with you | Advise you on the need for further consultants | Develop a planning strategy

Prepare outline design proposals for you to review (these may take the form of drawings, physical models | Research materials and construction methods | Use initial proposals to finalise your design brief | Discuss with you the cost & time implications that changes to the brief/design will have as the project moves forward | Develop the design until you’re 100% happy with the main elements (This process is an iterative one and can take some time |Advise on how you might appoint a building contractor

Complete detailed design proposals including plans, sections and elevations | Produce outline specifications for agreement with the client | Submit the detailed information for planning approval | Organise for a planning stage budget cost to be produced by a quantity surveyor if required | Develop project scope and specification to align it with the project budget

Develop details, construction and specifications with other consultants to enable final drawings, details, and building specifications to be produced | Coordinate information between other consultants | Prepare and issue packages of information for building regulations approval | Produce sufficient, fully coordinated, information to enable the contractor to complete the building contract

TENDER (RIBA stage 4)
Collate and issue packages of information for tender | Work with you to advise / make recommendations on the choice of contractor following the return of tenders

Appoint a contractor using the chosen building contract | Issue the final contract information to the contractor | Administer the contract between you and the contractor until the project reaches completion | Make regular visits to site, at intervals agreed with you, to monitor progress and answer site queries | Provide the contractor with further information, if this is required to complete the contract.

Identify and instruct the making good of any defects | Help you agree and settle the final account with the contractor


All the partners in the practice are Architects registered with ARB (Architecture Registration Board), the professional body.

James Dale – Architect

Barbara Griffin – Architect

Richard M Wright – Architect

Jonathan Campbell – Architectural Assistant